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Harvest Records SHVL 781         Released 02/10/1970

Total Playing Time  52m 06s

This simple but striking album sleeve cost approximately £35 to produce.  This cost included processing, food for the Hipgnosis team and transportation costs to Potters Bar where the shot of Lulubelle3 was taken.  Storm Thorgersen photographer with Hipgnosis and the band decided on an anti sleeve which would show no band name and no group photograph. The photograph was not retouched in any way and the cover was taken straight from the transparency.

When the album sleeve was shown to EMI they baulked at the idea of no band name / band image being present on the cover.  They  claimed that it was commercial suicide.  Their fears were unfounded as Atom Heart Mother went straight to Number 1 in the album chart.

Band members have been quoted as saying they dislike the album.  Even though the album is flawed I personally prefer Atom heart Mother with its orchestration and choir sections to Echoes.  Both pieces are excellent and show the band at a very creative peak in their carreer.


”Atom Heart Mother still has that mysterious intangible feel that has always been the essence of Pink Floyd music, but it is one of those rare albums that gives more than it demands and has a rich gentle atmosphere”.      Sounds 10/10 1970

Listening today, Atom Heart Mother does still have its moments, despite its ramshackle reputation :Geesin’s spiky brass arrangements, the dramatic entry of the choir, some soaring slide guitar from Gilmour.  The bands orchestral ambitions may have been overblown, but over 30 years on , this album is far more palatable than the grim classical pastiches of Deep Purple or The Moody Blues.  And in Fat Old Sun, the album still contains one of Gilmour’s most enduring tunes.  A failed experiment maybe, but still one worth trying.      John Bungey -Q Magazine Special Edition – Pink Floyd. 2004



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