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Bizarre/Reprise K44083     14- 02- 1970

 Total playing time 41-07
This is a fine example of the strange art that was to house many an album by Frank Zappa.
Created by Cal Schenkel this artwork was originally created for an Eric Dolphy
album that Zappa was putting together, the projected album was shelved so Zappa decided to use the already prepared art work for Burnt Weeny Sandwich.

The artwork  fully reflects the music found on the album.  A collage of riveted metal, cogs, wires, valves,
intertwined bloodied mannequin hands and a very weird little red half face
which appears to be looking out from behind the wall of metal, its eyes
numbered 7 & 5 its thought bubble saying The Mothers of Invention. The
artwork has a very punk attitude to it which belies the era in which it was
created. That being said The Mothers of Invention were never the prettiest of
bands, they never ran with the pack and were very much against the grain.

(Gatefold – inner design)

This record cover has an uneasy beauty about it which is best appreciated in the
12 x 12inch vinyl format.  It’s impact is lost on a small CD sized insert.
This album is one of my favourite albums by The Mothers of Invention. I love the eclectic nature
of the music on this album which ranges from doo wop through to avante garde
orchestral pieces some nice guitar work from FZ himself. The album reaches its
peak with an 18 minute plus ‘’The Little House I Used To Live In’’ which
features an excellent violin solo by Don (Sugarcane) Harris.

*  The album’s rather unusual title, Zappa would later say in an interview, comes from an actual snack that he enjoyed eating, consisting of a burnt Hebrew National hot dog sandwiched between two pieces of bread with mustard.

Not the easiest of listens, but a really good album all the same.

* Wilkipaedia


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