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Released November 1967.   UK  Reaction Records.  Catalogue No 594 003   Playing time 33 min 37 sec.

This album is seen by critics and fans alike, as the moment Cream moved away from their blues roots and embraced psychedelia.  I personally see this album as a milestone in the development of heavy rock. The psychedelic nature of the music links  it to 1967,  strong composition, arrangements and tight musicianship  have ensured that this recording has stood the test of time.

The album was produced by Felix Pappalardi.

Two singles were taken from the album Strange Brew  – November 1967 and Sunshine of your love – January 1968.

The iconic front cover artwork was created by Australian artist Martin Sharp who was a friend of Eric Clapton.  Martin also co-wrote the songs  Tales of brave Ulyses from the album and Anyone for tennis ? with Eric Clapton.

The back cover photography was created by Bob Whittaker.  The overall effect of the two pieces of work is staggering once you have seen this album cover you wont forget it.  It’s a psychedelic dayglo  treat.

It’s said that the album got its unusual title from a conversation Cream roadie Mick Turner had with Ginger Baker.  Turner is reported to have told Ginger Baker that he fancied one of those bikes with disreali gears. He meant to say Derailleur gears, the band thought the mistake was so amusing they decided to use it as the title of their soon to be released album.

This is one of those essential albums that helped turn music on it’s head.

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