Posted: July 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

When I look back to my youth I remember the pioneering record labels such as
Island , Charisma ,Vertigo, Chrysalis, Deram and Harvest. Most of these labels
were subsiduary offshoot’s from major record company’s formed with the sole
purpose of releasing recordings by bands/ artists who were part of an ever
growing underground /progressive rock scene.

As such, these labels brought some of the best contemporary rock and
progressive music to a wider public audience. The labels mentioned above were
the more accomplished ones, but there were many more subsiduary labels in
operation during the 70s. Today a lot of the music originally released by these
labels (on vinyl in wonderful gatefold sleeves) is being re-mastered and
reissued on CD. This is testimony to the quality of the music and it is really
good to hear this music again.

The problem I find with the CD format is that the artwork suffers in the 5 x 5
CD insert format. Compare the vinyl gatefold sleeve of eg: Relayer by Yes to
its CD counterpart, you may get some extra album related artwork but it isnt the
same, is it ?.   Whole generations have never seen the magnificence of a vinyl
gatefold sleeve. Although artists such as Alex Grey are creating some innovative
CD packaging. I feel that it wont be long before album cover art will be reduced
to a picture on an i-pod.            SAD


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